Pro Bowls and NFL

 Another wild & crazy year for football as we have seen blow outs, upsets, key injuries, and surprise teams make the playoffs in both NFL and NCAA. At this point in the season, it all comes down to coaching, style play, executing the game plan, and the match ups... One game at a time, win & move on or lose & go home. It all comes down to these 4 weeks through Feb 5th and the Super Bowl. 13 Games (12 in NFL including the Pro Bowl & 1 NCAA Championship Game) Total of 52 Possible Plays! This is our last run so let's make it count and build that bankroll of yours heading into NCAA March Madness!


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NFL Wild Card Weekend READY NOW!!!

Saturday January 7th
Oakland @ Houston 4:35pm Eastern READY NOW
Detroit @ Seattle 8:15pm Eastern READY NOW
Sunday January 8th
Miami @ Pittsburgh 1:05pm Eastern  READY NOW
New York @ Green Bay 4:40pm Eastern   READY NOW

NCAA Championship

Monday January 9th
Clemson @ Alabama 8:00pm Eastern

NFL Divisional Round Weekend

Saturday January 14th
TBD @ Atlanta 4:35pm Eastern
TBD @ New England 8:15pm Eastern
Sunday January 15th
TBD @ Kansas City 1:05pm Eastern
TBD @ Dallas 4:40pm Eastern

Conference Championships
NFC Conference Championship 3:05pm Eastern
AFC Conference Championship 6:40pm Eastern

Pro Bowl
AFC @ NFC 8:00pm Eastern

Super Bowl Sunday February 5th
TBD @ TBD 6:30pm Eastern Time

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Pro Bowls and NFL

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