NFL/NCAA Playoffs


We're at the point in the season where every matchup is an elimination game, NCAA & NFL, as we've reached the NCAA Championship game & the start of the NFL Playoffs. These are the last 30 days of the 2016 football season & with 48 remaining bets available, including side, total, parlay, & teaser for each of the remaining 12 games, it's imperative that you make wise decisions.  Metrics & trends that apply to regular season football games no longer have the same significance with coaches, & players alike, tossing caution to the wind for an opportunity to move on to the next round.  

NO ONE IS BETTER THAN ME IN NFL PLAYOFFS! I've hit 75% or better in 8 of the last 10 NFL Postseasons & finished above .500% in the other two.  Last Season I was 8-2-1 on Sides, 4-1-2 on Totals, & 5-2 on Parlay/Teaser plays (with a 3-1 return on wagers), for a 77% win percentage & this year I plan on more of the same! 

It all kicks off Saturday Afternoon with Raiders/Texans, from NRG Stadium in Houston, & it will end in the same venue with Superbowl 51 on February 2nd, 2017. You get ALL Football selections over the next 28 days, NCAA Title Game, NFL Wild Card, Divisional, Conference Final, & Superbowl, ALL for JUST $249! A, MINIMUM, of 20 Football Selections that will guarantee you successful end to your football betting year & all for less than $14 per play, YOU CAN'T LOSE! 

As an added BONUS I'll include additional NCAA & NBA Basketball games at NO CHARGE, they don't count towards your 20 plays! We're going for major profits, not just in the marquee matchups, across the board & we start that journey this weekend. 
NFL Wild Card Round
*Giants/Packers 4:40pm Est*
Two teams with playoff history, & a similar path into this year's field, square off in the top billed game Sunday Afternoon. It seems like forever ago that All World QB Aaron Rodgers was being lambasted for a "subpar" season & the Packers were written off. The Packers were dismantled, & roundly embarrassed, on Sunday Night before Thanksgiving in the nation's capital 42-24 to the Redskins. Rodgers was as confident that night, when he said he thought his team could run the table to close the year, as he was last Sunday night when his team accomplished that feat. This GB team is long on confidence & playing at Lambeau has been a recipe for success for the Pack in the Playoffs. Meanwhile, these Giants got their wakeup call much earlier & against this same Green Bay teams. The two squads faced off in Week 5 with Green Bay winning by a touchdown, the Giants playing uninspired football, & leaving everyone in NY on the hot seat at the end of a 3 game losing streak. Since then The Giants have lost just TWICE in their last 11 games, beaten the conference favorite Cowboys for the second time this season, & gained tremendous momentum. The cast of characters in the Meadowlands is different, but the quarterback isn't, & Eli is certainly battled tested in January.  What an evening of football! 

NCAA Championship Game


Alabama/Clemson 8pm Est

The first Rematch in NCAA football championship history, hell it's only happened twice in hoops, that pits two teams with great familiarity. The last time these teams played their was a trophy on the line & the stakes remain the same tonight. You couldn't script a better football matchup but being on the right side of the spread is a different story. Bet smart & strong & come out a champion no matter what!

NFL Division Playoffs

1/14 & 1/15 2017

Patriots vs Lowest Remaining Seed

Chiefs vs Highest Remaining Seed

Cowboys vs Lowest Remaining Seed

Falcons vs Highest Remaining Seed

Two of the NFL's Biggest Franchises, NE & Dallas, & two teams that have been consistently good for several years, KC & ATL, all meetup for home games after a week off.  While much has been made of the proliferation of Wild Card teams to win the SuperBowl in recent years, the easiest path to the Conference Championship, & by extension the Superbowl, is to secure the bye week. The always prevalent rest vs rust theory will play a factor this week, I'll make sure my picks are SHARP! 

NFL Conference Championship Games


Typically the best weekend of the NFL Playoffs. While Superbowls have, traditionally, been a blowout this rounds always offers games decided by a possession. We'll know who's going to Houston after this round of outstanding action. 

Superbowl LI


The Biggest Sporting Event in America &, arguably, the world. Tons of prop bets, line swings, & other unique factors that make this one of the most difficult games of the year to bet. Enjoy the game, but I only have fun when I win, so let's do both at the same time. 
With the dead weekdays, & the dead week between the Conference Championships & Superbowl, I'll will offer BONUS NBA & NCAA basketball for customers who can take advantage.  The MAIN FOCUS over the next 28 days Remains Football & that's why the hoops is merely a bonus. However, when we get to February, Basketball will be the only option for wagering & I want to be somebody you can trust when that time comes.  Basketball is the most volatile sport to bet, with the huge swings in points, so we'll only have a handful of plays while we concentrate on football so only TOP PLAYS!
NCAA Championship Game & FULL NFL Playoff Season. MINIMUM of 20 Plays, GUARANTEED 75%, or you get the remainder of NCAA regular season basketball & NBA for the duration, FREE & ALL FOR JUST $249! It's a WIN/WIN all you have to do is take advantage! 

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